About the author

The idea to start this blog came to me in 2017 after my initiation to model-driven software engineering at Netfective Technology. I was then involved in a European research project where French, British, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Romanian and Slovenian researchers and engineers joined forces to design a new modelling language in order to facilitate the development of big data applications.

I could appreciate how modelling can make simple, accessible, and even pleasing complicated and sometimes tedious subjects.

A subject that puts off many computer science students is the demonstration of programs correctness. It is a discipline that consists in proving that a piece of software behaves as expected.

It is not easy. Proofs are indeed sometimes complex. But one has truly well understood a program only when he is able to explain with clarity why it works.

On this blog, we will see how model-driven software engineering can turn this subject which is a little bit arid into something fun.

Joas Yannick Kinouani, Colorado Springs, the 21st of January 2018.